Hidden Creek Counseling, LLC 

I serve clients from all over the South Carolina Midlands:  primarily in Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Ballentine, and Chapin.

- Individual and Group Counseling

- Aftercare  for adults who recently completed residential treatment, for accountability and maintaining treatment gains.

- Phone consultations  when you only have a short window of time, are out of town, and need to process a situation.  I can often respond during the same business day or as needed.  

- License Supervision  Do you already have your LMSW and want to get your LISW-CP?  I offer individual and group   supervision.  Why go for the license?  It offers a path to freedom to work on your own terms.

- Assessments for the SC Bar - Lawyers Helping Lawyers Program

     For law students and practicing attorneys in South Carolina, if you have run into problems with anxiety, depression, alcohol or substance misuse, the Lawyers Helping Lawyers program is available to help both personally and professionally.  Contact Robert Turnbull or Beth Padgett at the SC Bar for a consultation, (803) 799-6653. 
     If you have been notified of a potential disciplinary action by the SC Supreme Court or the Committee on Character & Fitness, contact the LHL immediately.  The assessment I conduct is used by the LHL on your behalf at Character & Fitness hearings.  This is a tool that can help mitigate your situation by showing your level of transparency and willingness to follow any recommended steps, if indicated.  There is no cost to you for this assessment, but you must be referred by LHL.

- Alcohol/Substance Abuse Assessments for Administrative and Legal Proceedings

     I conduct assessments for clients to determine if they have an alcohol or substance use disorder, and if so, make recommendations for appropriate care based on ASAM criteria.  I coordinate blood and/or hair follicle laboratory testing to include in my report, if desired.  Defense attorneys may use this report as mitigation for clients who have had a DUI, drug possession, or similar charge.  Reports are submitted within 72 hours unless lab testing is included.