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About Chris

Chris McCoy, LISW-CP Supervisor, CACII

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I'm a Class of '99 graduate from the USC College of Social Work.  I've previously worked at Three Rivers Behavioral Health and the SC Recovering Professional Program.  I use cognitive behavioral therapy, solution- focused brief therapy for EAP clients, experiential therapy, and support groups.  Participation in 12-Step recovery fellowships is encouraged when appropriate.  When not counseling, you can find me weight training at the gym; mountain biking in the woods; or swimming, snorkeling or surfing depending on the body of water.  I support recycling and bicycle commuting whenever possible.

What makes me do the things I do?   

Sometimes, our own behavior baffles us, especially when we know it isn't effective in a given situation.  One of my greatest strengths is in drawing connections between events in your environment or past and how they shape your response to the present problem.  We then work together to shape a new response that adequately addresses the problem.  This is the moment you realize the "Great and Powerful Oz" is just an ordinary person, hiding behind a curtain, pulling levers and switches.  We absolutely are capable of change.

I spend the first session conducting a broad assessment to find out as much about you as I can, so that I can be of greatest help to you.  We'll put on paper what you hope to accomplish in counseling; that way we have a direction to work toward.  If you feel the first session was helpful, we schedule another.  I ask questions and listen.  I act as a sounding board, reality check, and help you work through what comes up.  When I spot self-defeating beliefs, self-talk, or body language, I bring that out in the open for us to process and work through.

Where do my strengths serve you best?
  - Recovery from alcohol, drug misuse, and other problem behavior
  - Recovery from codependency
  - Depression & grief